UAE Water Solutions are suppliers of Skywater “water from air” atmospheric water generators

UAE Water Solutions are a team of water supply specialists, and distributor for Skywater “water from air”. We provide Skywater sales and custom installations throughout the United Arab Emirates. Skywater’s unique patented process continuously simulates the “dew point” allowing water to be collected even in low humidity conditions. Dependent only upon electricity, the Skywater® 300 water making machine can extract up to 1100 liters (300 gallons) per day of fresh, pure water, directly from the humidity in the air.

Skywater® is an environmentally friendly water-making-machine, that can produce up to 300 gallons of water from air per day without impacting the planet’s limited water supply. Water vapor is a re-usable, unlimited resource replenished by earth’s natural cycle and can continue to be extracted from the air indefinitely without impacting the planet.

Skywater® replicates nature’s natural hydrologic cycle. Water is collected by continuously simulating the dew point. Vapor in the air is transformed into water using vapor compression that increases the dynamics of condensing vapor in the air, thus producing a high volume of water with low electricity consumption. The water can then be connected to a water system or collected in a tank though our distribution network of UAE Water solution specialists. The applications are endless and UAE Water Solutions provides teams of specialists in each market segment to provide you with your own unique water-making-machine installation. Skywater atmospheric water has been tested and certified by governments from all over the world for water quality surpassing all tests.

Contact us today to discuss your unique water needs, if you have periods of daily humidity you can have your own independent supply of drinking water.

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