Become a Skywater Distributor

How to become a Skywater distributor in the UAE and join our growing Skywater team.

UAE Water is in a unique position to offer strategic distribution opportunities for Skywater, atmospheric water generator sales and installations in the UAE.

Steps to Become a Skywater Water Distributor.

Please fill out the Distributor Form to the right, so an UAE Water representative has your contact information. Be informative, tell us where you’re located and what and markets your interested in. Tell us what experiences and resources you have to get a business going.

We will contact you right away to discuss sales and service opportunities and work with you to customize a business model and product options that fit your needs. Once approved we will provide your company with all the building blocks for success, including product training. Your ideal business model should be structured so that you have a trained technical staff to install and provide follow-up support to the end consumer before, during and after the purchase.

Benefits of becoming a UAE Skywater Distributor

Water shortages in the UAE have already reached critical levels. Atmospheric water generation is positioned to aleiviate local water shortages and is very financially rewarding. By becoming a distributor we provide you with a wide variety of marketing support including sales referals.

Distributor Support:

  • We provide you with qualified sales leads
  • Technical Training- training videos and hands-on training
  • Technical Support – Highly trained field technicians
  • Sales Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Service
Become a Skywater Distributor

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