Skywater atmospheric water case studies in the UAE and Worldwide since 2009. Proven 18% more cost effective than trucked-in water, in UAE tests.

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Skywater atmospheric water case studies

Application: Water Delivery verses Skywater 300
Problem Statement:

Many rural areas lack city water infrastructure and cannot provide water to thousands of citizens on a consistent basis. Water must be delivered by truck and stored on rooftops.

Major Issues

  • Unreliable supply of water
  • Contaminated water
  • Social Costs ‐ waiting , lack of hygiene, illness, social unrest
  • Cost to provide infrastructure prohibitive and time consuming

In 2009, a Skywater 300 was installed in Abu Dhabi for a period of approximately 3 months in a private residence with no city water. Over the this period measurements were taken of the water produced and KW power consumed, the data are :

  • Total Water Produced = 14,800 gallons
  • Total KW consumed = 24,600 KWH
  • Cost Benefit Analysis Water Delivery vs Skywater 300
  • Cost of water delivery = AED$300 for 5,000 gallon truck = AED$.06 per gallon
  • Cost of SW300
  • Cost of Power = $AED.03 per KWH
  • Total power cost = 24,600 * .03 = AED$ 738 COST SAVINGS OF 18% OVER TRUCKED WATER
  • Cost per gallon = 738 / 14,800 = AED$.049 per gallon
  • Cost Savings = .06‐.049 = .011 AED per gallon or 18.3%


Skywater Water Sustainable Growing System Case Study

By utilizing a combination of state-of-the-art, Skywater® Atmospheric Water Generators, AgroDiamonds SAP, AgroDiamonds nutrient packages, and a newly developed hi-tech, sub-surface irrigation system, even in the harshest, most unforgiving hostile growing environments, Skywater’s unique growing system enables local production of food crops, through the on-site production of irrigation water requirements necessary to support crop growth.

The Skywater atmospheric water growing system now makes it possible to establish and maintain self sufficient agricultural/ horticultural crop production operations in regions heretofore unable to support plant/crop production.

Through extensive testing, AgroTech calculates utilizing the proprietary Skywater® growing system, the amount of irrigation water required to grow and sustain plant/crop production can be as little as 200 gallons/day/acre. Well below the requirements using traditional methods and well within the water-making machines 300 gal/per day (1100 liters) capabilities.


Picture 1.
Foreground rows: Peppers Background rows: Tomatoes
2 Center rows with Skywater® sub-surface irrigation
Outside row (right) with traditional fertilization & irrigation methods
All Peppers Planted 3/16/12 All Tomatoes Planted 3/12/12

Benefits of Skywater Water Sustainable Growing System
In spite of their massive size/development increase, the plants grown using the Skywater® sub-surface irrigation system require 68% less water. Additionally, at 4 weeks, the increase in fruit development is dramatic. A visual inspection of all the plants clearly shows that those grown with Skywater® point to an anticipated approximate 279% increase in yield, plus, the size of the individual fruit is in the area of 16%-18% larger.

In addition to the above listed benefits, the additional value of crops being “harvest ready” sooner as a result of the accelerated growth rate of the plants/crops grown with the Skywater Growing System is very significant. In fact, this test site demonstrated that because of the accelerated growth rate of plants grown with the Skywater System, with certain plants, potentially two (2) crops can be grown in the same time and acreage, whereas without it only one (1) crop would be produced.